Shameful act by angry local train commuters!

A Diva Roha train gets delayed by an hour. Commuters lose patience and
temper. The Panvel station manager suffers injuries and humiliation!
After he's been serving us for 11 years! Where's the humanity people?
When an overhead wire snaps on a train's route, a station manager has
practically no hand in it. Remember he's stationed at the station? So
barging into his office, hitting him and dragging him out where a huge
furious crowd is standing impatiently is totally uncalled for. Just
for a minute, put yourself in his shoes and you'll know what I mean. I
know what it is to wait endlessly at a platform having no idea when
the train will arrive or whether it will arrive at all. But beating up
an official posted at the station... what sense does it make? Imagine
the scenario when the company you are employed with delays something
and the clients come and beat you up! Is it justified?
I don't understand why people hit station managers and motormen.
C'mon, they have been postponing their strikes for important issues so
that we do not face inconvenience. Whenever I approached any station
manager regarding any train related problem, they have been really
I request the commuters to not lose their temper on the station
managers and motormen. They always try to help us in the best possible
way. It's only during such technical problems that they are helpless.
Yet they keep us updated.
If you see your fellow commuters abusing or hitting the helpless
officials, please try and calm them down. Please don't stand and
simply watch or ignore the scene. And do forward this to your friends
who travel by train.

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Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

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