Food stalls at WR, CR stations get a makeover!

The new (alright, not so new now) purple and while super-ventilated Mumbai local trains are a treat to the eyes, aren't they? Don't tell me when you first saw this train pass by, you didn't yearn to board it. I remember I was traveling with my mom and mom-in-law in the traditional local train and how they saw the purple beauty pass and exclaimed "We never traveled by this new train"! I only wished I could do something about it. But then, since they travel by train only once in a few months, it's a tough task. I'd have to wait for all the trains to be revamped or have to be really lucky.

Anyways, while we still bask in the relief of these new rakes, there's yet another surprise by the railways. Check out the Yellow-Green modular food stall at CST station! Trust me, even if you are not among those who buy  snacks from railway stalls, these stalls will definitely tempt you. Now whether you'll be pleased with what they have to offer is a different question ;) And relax, the new food stalls will be installed at both Western (25 stalls) and Central (19 stalls) line stations. Thankfully, cooking would not be allowed at the stalls. I just hope that people respect the beautification move by the railways and do not litter.


Neha said...

oh yeah; I have seen those stalls..yummyyyyyy :)

and the new trains are so clean..rather they were..I have not travelled by train since a few months now..