Mumbai local train motormen to operate empty stomach

RememberWR and CR motormen were all set to go on a strike on 26th January 2010 (read about it here) when the authorities assured them that their demands will be considered? The strike was called off at the last minute (read about this here) so that we commuters don't suffer. It's been 3 months and the motormen's issues aren't resolved yet! It seems that there has not been a single meeting about this. 

Helpless motormen now have come up with a new decision - to operate the WR and CR local trains on empty stomach from Monday, May 3! 
With lakhs of commuters dependent on the motormen, this sure is a cause for concern.The demands of the motormen are pending since a really long time. One of the demands is the inclusion of an assistant motorman on every train. And considering yesterday's news about the Dead Man's Handle, this demand has to be met, right?

God knows when will our systems get over with postponing things for ever! Coz it's always said "We are looking into the matter"! What do you think?