Selling, buying, throwing oranges in trains

Chubhti, jalti garmi ka mausam aaya,
Aaya mausam taaze taaze oranges ka

Sweltering heat makes commuting all the more tedious. But hawkers in Mumbai local trains know how to make the most of it. "Dus ka dus" echoes in the trains during non-peak hours and our heads turn towards the voice. This dus ka dus however has nothing to do with the famous dus-dus ki daud challenge thrown at Aamir Khan in Ghulam. This is the super reasonable cost of oranges being sold in baskets in the Mumbai local trains' ladies compartments.

I still struggle to figure out two things:

  1. Why are these oranges so cheap. Are they cultivated by the sides of the railway tracks and are not at all recommended to consume?
  2. Are these hawkers allowed to roam around selling stuff in the trains? 
In any case, these oranges do help us beat the heat. Instead of munching on fried foods, female commuters are buying one orange for a rupee. The hawker, peels the orange with great expertise, sprinkles some salt-chilly masala and hands it over to them. Many women go for the bigger deal - dus ka dus - 10 tiny oranges priced at just rupees 10! I only hope that just like the deal these oranges are good too!

Before I end the post: Now these women who eat oranges in the trains have this pathetic habit. They carelessly throw away the peels and the seeds under their seat or out of the windows. Worst still, onlookers don't even utter a word.
I urge you to request these women to collect the unwanted bits of oranges in a paper instead and discard properly in a dustbin. 
Little steps go a long way. And as they say - Gunaah dekhne waala bhi gunehgaar hota hai!


Abhishek said...

Very true, even i wonder the economics behind the 1 rupee oranges.

But again Trains are great POS (Point of sales), No setup required, Passes are cheap, And goods sells with mouth publicity ;-)

How often we buy things because the person sitting next to me also buys it (buyers mentality???)

It also raises the question about the inflated prices of oranges we pay in market,supermarket & malls.

Same funda applies to "Cycle Idli"

Hats off to these sellers.... :-)

Bon Apetite

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

rightly said abhishek. and abt cycle idlis, i really don't care bt how they are prepared... hygienic / not they are simply superbbb... esp the green chutney!

Mandeep said...

We Mumbaikars have not learnt to keep our trains clean. Most of the people siiting near the windows spit Gutkha/Pan/Tobaco on the window itself. They will throw the empty pouch on floor, making it more dirty. When can we have a better civic sense?